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Panic Away - Frequently Asked Questions

Below are several frequently asked questions about the Panic Away system.

Can I buy Panic Away in a book store?

The Panic Away system is not sold as a hard copy in book stores and is only available as a digital download. Immediately after your purchase you're given access to the guide that you can download to your computer to read and use at any time.

After you have downloaded the guide you can print out a copy to read away from your computer. You're also given access to several audio files in mp3 format you can download.

Is the guide shipped to me?

No, the guide is not shipped to your physical address. Immediately after your purchase you're given access to a download page where you can access all the Panic Away material.

What types of payments do you accept?

Accepted forms of payment for the Panic Away system are credit card, Paypal, and bank debit card.

Please do not mail cash or money orders. All orders are processed securely online at this time, and cannot be processed through the mail or over the phone.

I have a specific question, can I get personal advice?

Yes, if you've purchased the Panic Away system you can contact the author through the email address provided on page 148 of the guide.

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