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Why Do I Keep Having Panic Attacks?

Why do I keep having panic attacks, and is there a way to make it stop? It's hard to go through your every day life when you know in the back of your mind that a panic attack could take over.

Even if the panic attacks seem random and unrelated, they're not. You may interpret them as random, but your subconscious is getting data that is triggering the attack.

For example, you walk into a room and it's crowded. You feel the walls closing in, and it seems as though every person in the room has their eyes trained on you. It may happen in different locations, and different times of day.

You may not see the logical connection for why this keeps happening, but your subconscious is sensing danger and triggers a panic attack.

Why does it keep happening?

Panic serves a specific purpose that's deeply rooted in our most basic instincts. You sense danger, so your brain triggers a sense of panic in an effort to get you to leave and find safety. That's the intent, it's an alarm system intended to protect you.

A panic attack, is an alarm system that is sending off false signals that overwhelm your senses and can leave you feeling paralyzed. Your body is sensing danger that isn't real.

Back to the crowded room scenario. There is something common in those rooms that your brain interprets as very dangerous and wants you to leave. It could be the lighting, the people, the color of the walls. All that matters is that your body is overloading your senses because it's trying to protect you.

To stop the panic attacks, you need to essentially train your subconscious to accept these trigger scenarios as safe. The worst thing you could do, and it's very common, is to start avoiding every crowded room you see.

When that happens you give the fear and panic total power over your behavior. It's at that point, where you choose avoidance, that a phobia develops.

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