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What Is A Generalized Anxiety Disorder?

If you've experienced multiple "life events", or you're constantly subjected to stressful environments you may find yourself in a constant state of high anxiety known as a generalized anxiety disorder.

Symptoms Of Generalized Anxiety

Generalized anxiety is usually viewed in six month time frames. If you've experienced high anxiety levels for the majority of the days during a six month time frame you may have a generalized anxiety disorder.

It's important to note that panic attacks are not experienced during generalized anxiety. You live in a constant state of worry, which has made it difficult to continue your occupation, or maintain healthy relationships.

Common symptoms of generalized anxiety may include:

Generalized anxiety is not a one time event. It's a prolonged state of worry, anxiety and fatigue. It must be present for more days than not, during a six month period.

Common Treatments For Generalized Anxiety

Relaxation Therapy - You're given a routine to help relax, often involving special breathing techniques that must be practiced multiple times each day.

Cognitive Therapy - You address your thought process to find the root of your anxiety. You're then given the skills to re-frame your negative associations with more supportive and realistic thoughts.

A more in depth explanation regarding generalized anxiety and the recommended treatments can be found in the full version of the Panic Away system.

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