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Ways To Relieve Stress

Life can be hectic and complicated, making it important to understand the most effective ways to relieve stress. Below are some quick and helpful tips to relieve your tension and help you relax.

Change Your Environment

There are situations where you are unable to get a five minute escape from what's stressing you out, but in most cases there are always opportunities to get away even if for only a short while.

Taking a quick walk, or a drive in the country where it's quiet and peaceful can also be beneficial. If you are unable to take a day off, you should consider finding a room in your house where you normally don't try to rest.

It just needs to be quiet and new. You'll be surprised at how easily you can close your eyes and relax a bit. It's because if it's someplace you don't normally spend time, there are no negative stressful associations clogging your mind.


Exercise is one of the best forms of stress releases. The more vigorous the activity the more relaxed you'll feel after. A leisurely walk is helpful to calm your nerves, but as a pure stress reliever you'll want to do some running or resistance training.

The added benefit to exercise, other than relieving stress is it will help you fall asleep more easily at the end of the day.

Rationalize Your Problems

Stress can make you feel as though the world is on your shoulders. What's bothering you and causing the stress may take on the perception that it's worse than it really is.

If you can rationalize the problems, and more importantly, the possible solutions it may ease your mind and help you relax. Simple exercises to help rationalize problems could be writing in a journal or sitting down with a close friend who will just listen and let you talk out what's bothering you.

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Prioritize Sleep

When you're stressed and overwhelmed, not getting a good night sleep only compounds the problem. You wake up feeling fatigued and adds to your stress because you'll have a hard time concentrating.

It can become a cycle of exhaustion if not addressed because lack of sleep adds to stress, and stress can lead to lack of sleep.

The use of sleeping aids may be needed if you are unable to push aside your stress and fall asleep naturally. Melatonin taken before bed can help you relax and is a natural sleep aide.

You may also want to try ear plugs, or a noise or music maker to drown out the sounds outside your room.

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