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Two Common Causes For An Anxiety Disorder

Anxiety and panic disorders develop from the early stages of childhood and evolve as you gain life experiences. Below are two common causes for anxiety disorders.

Environmental Influence

Your childhood environment, and the type of parenting you experienced at a young age can have a large influence on your anxiety levels as an adult.

If your parents were over protective, constantly telling you how dangerous the world is, it can have a deep psychological impact on you as an adult.

It's not uncommon for a phobia to be linked to when you were "taught" to be afraid from an early age.

Anxiety can also be influenced by parents who were:

Cumulative Stress

Your ability to accept and cope with daily stress has a threshold, much like other functions of the body.

Your heart, for instance, can function without a noticeable difference as your arteries clog slowly over several years. But there is a threshold that once surpassed, your heart can no longer function properly without treatment.

Anxiety and cumulative stress function in a similar manner. Daily stress can be absorbed in small amounts, but there is a threshold that once surpassed can increase the probability of a breakdown.

It should also be noted that multiple "life events" experienced in a small time frame has a significant impact on your ability to cope with stress. Divorce, death in the family, and children leaving the home are considered major life events.

A more in-depth explanation about the causes of a panic disorder can be found in the full version of the Panic Away system.

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