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The Recurring Cycle Of Anxiety And Panic

Panic attacks have the ability to trap people in a cycle of fear. You experience an event that frightens you like nothing else. You literally feel as though you're going to die and more than anything you don't want to experience it again.

So you begin to worry.

"It happened when I was at this store, so I'll never go in that store again." You think you can control the panic attack by controlling your environment. What's actually happening is the panic attack is now influencing your daily life through anxiety.

You worry constantly about panic. Always nervous. Always conscious of what might happen.

This constant high anxiety makes you more prone to another panic attack. Then you begin to worry about being too worried.

It's a large, repetitive cycle that encloses your world and traps you into feeling afraid of another panic attack.

How do you stop the cycle?

In gradual steps. I know, most people want to hear they can push a big button and all the anxiety will disappear. But the reality is that the human body and its mental responses are trained. Conditioned over time.

Your anxiety escalates with each new event. It's like walking up a flight of stairs. The higher you go, the more intense the anxiety. Eliminating panic attacks and anxiety needs to be approached from a similar perspective.

You don't want to jump down a flight of stairs. You have to walk. One step at a time.

A more in depth discussion of the repeating cycle of anxiety, depression and panic attacks can be found in the full version of Panic Away.

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