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The Panic Away guide goes beyond general recommendations and introduces you to real case studies with real panic attacks.

Viewing a panic attack through someone else's eyes can help you understand the event and help you mentally prepare to apply the Panic Away techniques.


Agoraphobia is the most commonly diagnosed panic disorder in the United States. Often associated with the "fear of leaving the home", it's actually a more complicated process.

No one wakes up one morning terrified of leaving their home. Usually, a panic attack is experienced outside the home like at the office or supermarket. That place then becomes associated with extreme fear creating an intense desire to avoid that location.

As panic attacks are experienced in different locations, they are once again labeled by the subconscious as something to avoid. Over time, so many panic attacks have been experienced in so many locations that the only "safe place" is in the home.

People who have Agoraphobia, stay in their home because it's usually the only place they feel safe.

Agoraphobia Case Study - Sylvia

The panic away guide provides a detailed explanation of someone living with Agoraphobia through "Sylvia", a case study found inside the guide.

Sylvia's personal life was being damaged by her condition and straining her marriage to the brink of divorce. You're introduced to her current lifestyle, how Agoraphobia dominates her thought process and how her case has evolved through the years.

More importantly, you're given real world examples of two panic attacks Sylvia experiences and how she applied the techniques found in the Panic Away system.

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