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I'm Feeling Depressed

I'm feeling depressed and don't know what to do. People don't always know the difference between feeling sad, a little depressed, compared to a very serious condition.

If you're in a constant state of depression you may not be able to differentiate the degree of your depression.

Can You Rationalize Your Depression?

Unfortunately some people cannot rationalize their depression. They know they're sad, or depressed. They even know the source, but it doesn't matter. In these cases it may be a chemical or biological problem.

But not everyone that is depressed is in serious danger. Can you rationalize your problems? If you say the problem out loud, or write the problem down does it ease your anxiety?

Can you see solutions?

It is a common feeling to feel isolated, like there isn't anyone in the world who cares. You may be telling yourself there's no one to talk to, because no one cares.

The people around you care more than you realize, and given the opportunity they will drop everything they're doing to help you.

Are You In A Constant State Of Depression?

Is this an isolated incident? Did something happen to trigger your depression. Feeling sad and even depressed is a common reaction to tragic or even unfortunate events.

The death of a loved one, ending a relationship, fighting with your family are common reasons to cause depression. That feeling of sadness is part of our coping process.

But if you are in a constant state of depression for no reason, it may be a more serious problem.

Do you feel sad and depressed without any known source causing the problem? It can become a never ending cycle where you become depressed because you are depressed.

At that point it only makes matters worse when someone asks, "why do you look so depressed?"

If you are in a cycle of depression that you've been unable to climb out of, don't wait any longer. Reach out and get some help.

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