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I Want To Be Happier

When you hear yourself say, "I want to be happier" you need to evaluate what it is that's making you unhappy. It's a complicated problem, but a great source of unhappiness comes from your personal relationships and your profession.

Relationship Happiness

Everyone deserves to have a significant other in their life that makes them happy. Relationship troubles are one of the primary sources of stress and unhappiness.

In A Relationship

If you're in a relationship but you're unhappy, it's important to openly discuss the issue with your partner. You think concealing your true feelings is shielding them and protecting the relationship but you're not.

Withholding your true opinion, creates stress and a feeling of being trapped. If left alone long enough it's enough to make you want to end the relationship. By trying to protect your relationship by not saying anything, actually directly contributes to its end.

If You're Single

If you're single and having trouble finding another to share your life, it's important to broaden your point of view of what makes you happy. Often, people idealize what they think they need to be in a happy, healthy relationship.

Money, looks, attractiveness all contribute to why someone isn't good enough. When in reality all those qualities are superficial and don't guarantee happiness. While finding someone you can connect with, share similar interests and humor are primary traits resulting in long lasting happiness.

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Professional Happiness

A lot of people get stuck in a profession they don't love or even like, because they were chasing a salary when they chose their path in life. You may find yourself struggling to find motivation to go into work everyday because you simply don't like the work.

If you're in a job you don't like, you can look for opportunities within your industry that will translate your experience well but in a different capacity. Or you can choose an entirely different profession and start from bottom floor.

When you're in your prime working ages, between 30-40, in can be scary to leave your work experience behind and start something new. You have to ask yourself if being happy is going to be more rewarding, and will you be more productive if you actually enjoyed what you do everyday.

If you are unable to leave your profession and start over due to financial obligations, you can start small by gaining experience in a new field on evening and weekends. It will give you an opportunity to test the new profession and know definitively if it's what you want to do.

It will also give you hope, and peace of mind knowing you're working towards a new and happier goal.

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