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I Have No Friends

I have no friends and no one to talk to. I feel alone all the time and not sure what I can do about it.

When you confide in someone, maybe a family member, that you feel alone and don't have any friends to talk to, the advice can be a bit frustrating and leave you feeling misunderstood.

"You have to try"

It's a common form of advice people will hear when they confide in another their problem. It's never that simple. While everyone's perspective is unique, one common theme is that making a new friend is hard.

It takes quite a bit of courage to walk up to someone you don't know, strike up a conversation, and try to be friends.

Some are afraid of rejection, some suffer with shyness, others have extreme anxiety that makes approaching new people very difficult. Someone who does not struggle with these problems will have a hard time understanding.

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How Do You Make More Friends

The easiest, and most therapeutic way is to find people who struggle with the same issues as you. Whatever your problems may be, or whatever you are trying to overcome you are not alone.

You may not be surrounded by people struggling with your issues in your everyday life, but no one suffers from a problem in isolation. Whatever your issue, no matter how unique you believe it is, I guarantee there are thousands of people with the same problem.

By "issue" or "problem" it doesn't necessarily have to have a negative connotation either. Your problem could be that you want to be the fastest jelly bean eater in the world. Or maybe you want to be a better dancer.

Whatever you want to improve in life, internal or external issues, there are others struggling right along with you.

These are friends in waiting. After all, that's what friends really are. People who have common or similar points of view and interests.

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