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How To Stop Having Panic Attacks

Does anyone know how to stop having panic attacks. Why do I keep having them, and what makes them go away.

The first thing you want to do is isolate the cause the best you can. For some it's easy to understand because there is a common trigger. For instance, if you're having panic attacks before speaking in front of groups of people you are familiar with the build of of anticipation followed by anxiety, and then a panic attack.

Before you can implement a plan to stop the attacks, you would first need a thorough understanding of what's causing them. If your panic attacks seem to be unrelated, then you would have to take a much broader view to find a cause. Cumulative stress or poor health are contributing factors to having a panic attack.

How To Stop The Panic

One of the hardest concepts for panic attack sufferers to grasp is how to "face your fear". Specific therapies, like exposure therapy or cognitive therapy help you face the source of your panic in very small increments.

Those types of therapy help you build a tolerance level, meaning each panic attack becomes less intense until it's finally considered controlled. It's difficult to make your anxiety and fear disappear in one step because of the complexity of the human brain.

You can't just push a button and make the panic attacks go away. You need to essentially train your anxiety and response to that anxiety to become less significant.

If you've been having panic attacks and don't know which steps to take to help control your anxiety you can use the following link for a more thorough explanation.

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