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How To Stop Anxiety Attacks

When you're first learning how to stop anxiety attacks it's important to understand how panic and anxiety are working against you. If you know the impending behavior, and prepare for it, you'll know exactly what you need to do to control your emotions.

There's a compounding problem with fear and anxiety that can physically paralyze some people. They become so afraid of their anxiety, that they freeze when they feel the anxiety building. You begin to fear the fear.

The source of the fear also becomes more complicated, because you will begin to fear what other people might think if they see you having a panic attack.

It becomes a downward spiral, where most people will feel trapped and helpless. The most important thing is to identify the familiar feeling of a panic attack. it becomes unique to every person, but you always know when it's coming.

Don't try to fool yourself into thinking it's not what you think it is, because that will feed into your fear. Accept that it's happening, then go through the recommended steps found in the Panic Away system to diminish the intensity of the anxiety.

You can't make your anxiety go away in one big step, you have to break down the intensity little by little. After confronting the anxiety attack several times with the One Move Technique, the attacks will begin to fade until the anxiety is controlled to a tolerable level.

If don't know how to stop anxiety attacks on your own, you can use a proven system to help control anxiety and panic found in the Panic Away System.

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