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How To Prevent Panic Attacks

Not knowing how to prevent panic attacks can heighten your anxiety or push you into a deep depression.

The Truth About Treating Panic Attacks

Stopping a panic attack isn't a one time event. There isn't one special button you need to push to make it all go away. Curing and permanently stopping panic attacks is a process with multiple steps.

Your system and reactions have been conditioned to accept certain situations as dangerous. That's the root of a panic attack. Your mind and body think your environment presents mortal danger, so it's warning you. It's telling you that you need to panic.

But the danger isn't real. You know this is true, your doctor knows this is true. But your instincts tell you differently.

Treating panic attacks involves changing your thought process and mental conditioning. You need to tell your subconscious with your behavior that a panic attack is not necessary.

Be Prepared Before You Experience Panic

Your anxiety and panic escalates because you don't have a thorough understanding of what's happening. Your body is essentially betraying you. It's reacting to perceived danger, and you don't know how to control this behavior.

Do you know, without a doubt, what your actions will be when you sense a panic attack coming?

Most can't answer that question, and it's the uncertainty that heightens your anxiety. And a prolonged state of high anxiety actually makes you more susceptible to future panic attacks.

A well structured routine is needed to cycle through your emotions, and rationalize your surroundings during a panic attack. And it needs to be practiced before you have a panic attack.

Having a routine to rely on, can restore a sense of control and stability during a terrifying experience.

A more in depth explanation on how to prevent panic attacks, including a recommended panic attack routine, can be found in the Panic Away System.

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