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How To Overcome Fear Of Heights

When you're afraid of heights, it can severely limit your ability to enjoy life. Knowing how to overcome fear of heights, centers around your willingness to directly address the fear in small increments.

Do You Have A Phobia?

The cause of a fear of heights has many reasons and variations for everyone. Many people have a slight fear or even a hearth pounding fear, but that doesn't mean they've developed a phobia. What's the dividing line between fear and phobia when it comes to fear of heights?

A phobia, by definition, begins when you have a fear of something and choose avoidance as a way to control your fear. If you have an intense fear of driving over a specific bridge and you choose to drive twenty minutes longer just to avoid going over the bridge, you would have a phobia. The difference is your ability to function in everyday activities.

Once you choose avoidance you may feel your situation escalate because when you attach your fear to new objects you will most likely choose avoidance as a way to control the fear. As more and more objects are avoided, you become trapped and constantly looking for ways to escape.

Common Treatments

It's a very common cliche that you need to "face your fears", and to a large extent it's true. But what is often left out is the need to "face your fears in a controlled environment". If you're terrified of heights, you won't cure yourself by jumping out an airplane at 10,000 feet.

Common treatments for all phobias include cognitive therapy, and exposure therapy. With a fear of heights a common path with exposure therapy would be to introduce heights in small amounts allowing you to build confidence. You would begin, for instance, by stepping up a ladder.

Then the next session you would attempt to climb one step higher. The goal is to make constant progress while directly addressing your fear.

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