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How Does Exposure Therapy Help With Phobias?

Exposure therapy helps you identify and confront your fear in small increments. If someone is afraid of very high places, for instance, they would first achieve a comfort level at a small height before advancing.

Most people have heard of exposure therapy, but have a more harsh interpretation. They might think someone who is afraid of spiders, would be left in a room full of spiders. It's very important to use small increments to prevent further anxiety.

Why does exposure therapy work?

It directly confronts the cause of your phobia. A phobia, by definition, must include avoidance.

A lot of people are afraid of heights, but not everyone will alter their lifestyle to avoid heights at all costs. If your fear has developed into avoidance, then a phobia may have developed.

Phobias persist when untreated because of the avoidance and lack of confrontation. You avoid what you're afraid of because it lowers your anxiety. But as long as you continue to avoid the fear, the anxiety will always exist.

You think you're controlling your anxiety, when it's actually controlling your behavior.

It's important to realize the definition of success in relation to exposure therapy. Your goal is to confront and find a comfort level with your fear. You want to acquire the skills to help tolerate what you're afraid of.

No one expects someone afraid of extreme heights to become a professional sky diver after exposure therapy. The goal is to bring you closer to happiness, without being dominated by fear and anxiety.

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