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Exercise Ideas For The Entire Family

If your kids are busy sitting in front of the TV or playing video games, you may have a hard time thinking of ways to get them active. How do you compete with mindless fun from a video game console?

You have to make it a family function that isn't a punishment and it isn't optional. There are fun ways to get the entire family moving together that won't even feel like exercise.


Swimming is one of the few sports and activities that provides a great cardiovascular benefit without feeling like exercise. You're using all four limbs swimming around the pool, improving your muscle tone and lung capacity and don't even know it.

You're too busy laughing and doing silly things to realize it's beneficial to your health. If you have the time and resources a structured swim class where you and your kids can learn advanced swim tactics is a good investment.

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Trip To The Park

A day at a theme park like Disneyland is every kid's dream, but a trip to your local park can be a day of fun without spending several hundred dollars. The key is to join in on the fun, and not limit yourself to supervising or babysitting.

Will you look a little silly climbing on the jungle gym? Yeah, a little. Will your kids laugh hysterically as they follow you around? Absolutely.

Packing a picnic basket and some snacks can add a touch of love and make the day very special. It's the simple memories your kids will cherish when they're older.

You don't have to tell them you're going to the park because they need some exercise even though that was your intention.

Be A Kid Again

When adults think of ways to entertain their young ones they often overshoot what's necessary. You want to please them, and have a memorable time together but more then anything your kids want you to play with them.

It doesn't require money, or even leaving the house. Get into their world and be silly and goofy. Let yourself be a kid again, and play kid games.

Activities like tag, duck-duck-goose, and other childhood games you once enjoyed are simple games that will keep children occupied for hours while getting them the exercise they need.

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