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Do I Have A Social Phobia?

Anxiety is common to everyone but to varying degrees. Many people are embarrassed in social situations, or experience strong anxiety at the thought of speaking in front of a crowd.

But not everyone that experiences anxiety has a social phobia. The difference is your willingness to avoid social situations. Most people can cope with their anxiety enough to interact in certain social settings.

If you've altered your lifestyle to avoid your fear and ease your anxiety at the cost of work, family or close relationships you may have a social phobia.

Common Social Phobias Include:

The common factor is the public setting and the fear of embarrassment associated with it. It isn't just the fear of choking that creates the social phobia, it's the fear of how others will perceive your behavior and condition.

You become very aware of how others are interpreting your actions, and become very focused on the people around you.

You may understand that your behavior is irrational, but that realization doesn't ease your anxiety.

Common treatments for social phobia include:

A more in depth explanation regarding social phobias and panic attacks can be found in the full version of the Panic Away system.

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