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Can Medication Cure Panic Attacks?

If you've visited your doctor, seeking treatment for your panic attacks they most likely prescribed some medication to help your condition. It's very common.

It does create a misconception among people that have yet to seek treatment from a doctor, however.

Is there a pill that cures panic attacks?

No. When you're given a prescription, the medication is intended to ease your ANXIETY and does not have a direct impact on the actual panic attack.

The goal of the medication is to lower your overall anxiety which would hopefully make you less susceptible to future panic.

The reason there isn't a "magic bullet", is because researchers have yet to pinpoint the portion of the brain that triggers a panic attack. Until that discovery is realized, it will not be possible to cure panic attacks with medication.

There is medication available, that does help some people cope, but the side effects can actually elevate anxiety for some. A side effect experienced with some medication actually mirrors the panic attack.

Rapid heart beat, difficulty breathing, numbness in extremities -- are all common symptoms of a panic attack, but they're also common side effects of some prescriptions.

Some people refuse to continue their prescription because the side effects feel too much like what they're trying to cure.

Nearly all who are given a prescription to help ease anxiety are also urged to incorporate forms of relaxation and cognitive therapy such as those found in the Panic Away System.

A more in-depth explanation about recommended therapy to cure panic attacks can be found in the full version of the Panic Away system.

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