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The Benefits Of Weight Training

The benefits of weight training go well beyond the obvious visual effect of gaining muscle mass. There are proven, long term benefits to beginning and continuing a weight training regimen.

Increased Strength And Muscularity

When people talk about lifting weights, they visualize bodybuilders with broad shoulders and over developed muscle mass. It's true, with enough dedication and time in the gym anyone can look like a professional bodybuilder.

But for the overwhelming majority the benefits of weight training are not to the extreme of a professional athlete. You will gain lean muscle mass and noticeable strength after only a few months of consistent weight lifting.

How muscular you look, and how strong you become is ultimately and individual choice. It's important to approach weight training with a realistic goal. It takes time to build lean muscle mass, and many athletes consider adding fifteen pounds of muscle per year to be reasonable.

Bone Density

It's the resistance of weight training that strengthens our bones. Over time our bones and bodies will adapt to whatever we're doing. If you're stressing the need to support heavy weights your body will respond by making your bones stronger.

You can visualize this effect by considering how the body adapts for astronauts who spend time in space with zero gravity. The biggest physical change is the loss of bone density.


Because there's no resistance in space. Your bones are not asked to support excessive amounts of weight so they lose strength and density. Weight training is the exact opposite to this effect.

You're telling your body with your actions that your bones need to be stronger.

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Reduces Stress

There are many ways to relieve stress, but not many are as effective as weight training. The constant, vigorous activity of pushing a large amount of weight releases tension.

Many view it as a way to expel aggression, frustration and anger. You channel these emotions and use that energy to move the weight in front of you. After your lift you'll feel a sense of relief, and it can be very therapeutic in its own way.

To gain the benefits of weight training you don't have to become an extreme gym rat, but you do need to be consistent and strive to improve with every workout.

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