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Anyone who has experienced the intensity of a panic attack can describe the sense of fear feeding on fear.

The attack is so frightening, and in some cases parilyzing, that the mere thought of a panic attack can become as disturbing as the actual event.

So what can you do? How do you stop an involuntary reaction that causes a panic attack?

Panic Away uses a three stage approach to control the fear induced before, during and after a panic attack.

Why Do I Have Anxiety?

When you're crossing the street and a car whips around the corner racing straight at you, you're motivated with extreme urgency to get out of its way -- that's anxiety at work. That's its function. It's a warning system designed to protect you.

You're worried that you'll get hit so you move. Anxiety is designed to induce panic which would then motivate you to take evasive action in order to survive.

Anxiety is a defense mechanism your body uses as an early warning system. You can't get rid of anxiety in its entirety because it's a necessary function for survival.

How Does Anxiety Become A Disorder?

When you experience a panic attack, your body is sending out unnecessary warning signals. It's telling you to panic when you aren't in danger.

The accompanying symptoms of a panic attack are also a defense mechanism at work. Numbness in extremities, rapid heart beat, breathlessness.

Your anxiety is telling your body to panic because something bad is about to happen. So what does your body do? It responds accordingly, and prepares for evasive action by increasing your heart rate to improve blood flow, and moving blood out of the extremities and into larger muscle groups.

What went wrong? Why is your anxiety sending out false warnings to your body?

Your personal anxiety has been programmed to treat specific conditions and stimuli as mortal danger. When those criteria are detected it will trigger a panic attack in an attempt to protect you.

How Do I Stop Panic Attacks?

To stop panic attacks, or false warnings, you have to un-train your anxiety. You need to take specific actions that will eliminate those criteria from your anxiety's warning list.

Why do some people panic in certain sections of a department store but not others? Why do some people panic while driving over a bridge but no where else?

Because your system believes those conditions present extreme and immediate danger. You have to remove those conditions from the danger zone and train your anxiety to accept those situations as normal and safe.

You have to explicitly train your anxiety that a warning signal and ensuing panic are NOT needed under those conditions.

How Do I Train My Anxiety Responses?

The Panic Away system has been perfected over the last twenty years and has successfully eliminated panic attacks for thousands of people.

Panic Away is a three phase system to train your anxiety to accept certain conditions as safe and eliminate panic attacks.

You condition your anxiety to accept those situations as normal. There is no danger, and no action is necessary. If you don't need to take evasive action, there is no need to send out a panic warning to your body.

It's important to understand that your current anxiety levels are trained to respond under specific conditions and because of this your panic attacks will not "go away" by itself.

You can try the Panic Away system risk free for a full 60 days, and if your panic attacks are not gone after 8 weeks you'll receive a full refund.

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